Basements are an area of the home that can be the most frustrating and misunderstood, especially with a historic building where the walls are structural masonry (brick or stone).

Crumbling bricks.  Mortar turning to sand and piling up on the floor. Recently applied cement smeared on separates from the wall and falls off. Attempts to waterproof these walls (cement coatings and waterproof paint) create problems upstairs like plaster rot, mildew, and deteriorating mortar along the ground outside.

At Brick and Lime, we have a different approach to basements that make walls smooth and finished but doesn’t create moisture problems and deterioration in the walls above.

But there are a few things you have to understand about structural masonry.

Basements are damp places.  This is normal.  And with the right treatment, this is the only place that dampness should happen.

The goal with structural brick or stone basement walls is to maintain breathability.  THIS IS PRIORITY NUMBER ONE.

Breathability is the key to longevity in a historic masonry building.

Lime mortar, lime plaster, and limewash are the key materials for maintaining breathability in masonry.  This is the most misunderstood subject among contractors and masons today.

Your basement walls can be solid, smooth, bright, and mold-free with lime.

Call Brick and Lime today for a quote for your basement.  Restore your basement to the solid and functional space that you need it to be with our expertise in lime mortar masonry.