The Most Overlooked Damage on Any Home

Chimneys are the most exposed structural part of any building. They take the brunt of the effects of weather--ice, snow, rain, and sun contribute to its deterioration. And decades of burning wood and coal create very acidic conditions that dissolve the original mortar faster than any other place in your home. Do you have gas appliances vented into your chimney?  This added moisture creates even more trouble.

That's why Brick and Lime has dedicated crews for addressing chimneys.  This is where safety, proper training, correct mortar material choices, and installation skill all come together to create chimney restorations that are efficient and long-lasting, something other masonry companies cannot match.

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Check out this chimney and the mortar cap on top.

Chimneys Take the Brunt of Damage from Weather

This chimney is tapered, or stepped, at the top, making more surfaces to absorb water. Water is the biggest destroyer of chimneys. Once the mortar cap gets one tiny crack, water starts to get into and between the bricks. When freezing weather comes, the breakup is quick. This chimney posed life safety issues for the people below.