Employment Opportunities

Masonry Restoration Mechanic

$50k plus bonuses for crew leaders

The Brick and Lime Company is looking for exceptional masonry restoration mechanics to practice all aspects of masonry installation, restoration, and repair.  We are based in York, PA and we complete projects in stone, brick, and plaster/stucco, focused mainly on historic repairs and pointing.  Our masonry restoration mechanics enjoy varied physical work indoors and outdoors, will contribute to a positive team environment, and have personal pride in completing projects that look perfect with the knowledge that they are built/repaired to last a very long time.

We are looking for individuals with a high level of personal discipline and emotional maturity, who are friendly, communicative, and able to work easily with others.  Experience and/or knowledge of historic restoration is a plus, and an interest in learning more about lime mortar and the ability to correctly lift 80-100 pounds is a must.  Individuals with conventional masonry experience will be considered based on willingness to learn and grow in the trade.  Individuals with basic trade skills or any construction experience will be considered depending on work ethic and commitment to learn masonry.

How Brick and Lime benefits its customers:

  1. Offers expertise in different lime, natural cement, and Portland cement formulations, and when to use them, ensuring that the installation will stand the test of time.
  2. Offers color matching of mortar and attention to detail so that repairs blend in, instead of standing out visually.
  3. Offers masonry mechanics who possess the specialized skills necessary for working on historic structures, structures which are often not compatible with modern methods or materials.
  4. Our personnel enjoy the work, are pleasant to be around, and are technically excellent at what they do.
  5. Crews are organized by specialty so they are efficient and routined, allowing for a reasonable project price.

A few benefits of this job to you as a mason:

  1. Opportunities to learn— Many individuals with masonry experience are excellent at laying brick and block for new construction, but only assume that historic masonry restoration would be the same. However, for working on historic buildings, there are many types of mortar and many installation techniques that are easy to pick up and add to your skillset. Learn the science of lime mortar, when to use Portland cement and when to use lime mortar or natural cement.  Learn how to work with pigments, how to analyze mortar samples, formulate a perfect mortar match for any mortar, and how to repair limestone, granite, sandstone, terra cotta, and brick faces.  This is a challenging and expansive position, and we’re seeking individuals who don’t know it all about masonry.  Accomplished individuals will be expected to assist in training less experienced masons in our training shop.
  2. Have the satisfaction of using your masonry skills to restore century-old buildings to their original condition. This is a growing field where skilled mechanics are in demand, especially in this area of the country where historic landmarks, monuments, and buildings are numerous. We measure “old” in centuries, not decades, and we find satisfaction in contributing to a building’s long history of proper functioning.
  3. Skip the drudgery of working on a commercial masonry crew with difficult conditions and difficult people. You are contributing to a positive, team environment where everyone depends on one another to get beautiful jobs completed on time and within budget.  This isn’t just about production.  It’s about creative solutions and expertise.  Masonry is part art and part science, and it shouldn’t feel like a labor camp.
  4. Heavy lifting is the nature of masonry—enjoy getting and staying strong.  And yes, a person can do heavy lifting his whole life.  Done properly, lifting is one of the keys to good health.
  5. An attractive starting salary of $40,000 per year for experienced individuals. When you are ready to manage jobs without supervision, you will be earning $45k plus crew leader bonuses, the income potential of $50k+ per year.  Plus benefits.  This is a full-time position with occasional overtime.  Four-day work weeks most weeks, depending on crew needs and job needs.
  6. Yes, this is a sweet opportunity. But we’re looking for a highly specific individual with a specialized background, someone who is very social and has leadership capability.

About me:  I began working in masonry as an apprentice almost 20 years ago.  After laying natural stone walls and patios for 10 years, I began working in historic masonry preservation.  This involved working alongside well-known building conservators on projects in Washington, D.C. and being trained in lime mortar science and the different installation techniques required to do this work.  I was a crew manager and installation tech at the Blair House and Winder Building in Washington, as well as other federal buildings in Baltimore.

I founded Brick and Lime so we could deliver high-end restoration services in the mid-Atlantic region with a positive employee work environment.  My intention is to give individuals in the trades an opportunity to practice their trade with the security of a profitable company behind them and within a positive team atmosphere.

About you:  Our ideal person will be an extraordinary masonry tradesman with a track record of managing small crews for successful project completion.  Successful candidates will be individuals who possess a high level of personal discipline and emotional maturity, friendly, communicative, and able to work easily with others.  We are especially looking for personal pride in one’s completed work, a desire for expressing artistry, and attention to detail.  High priority will be given to those with training in lime mortar and Jahn repair mortars.  Ability to correctly lift 80-100 lb. is a must.

Having laid out the above criteria, we will consider special or unusual exceptions.

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume (or a description of your work experience with dates) along with a cover letter describing why this position interests you and why you believe you may be a good fit to:


Openness, honesty, and candidness are qualities I respond to, as opposed to framing things in the right way with the right words.  Please be who you are and let the dice roll.

Thank you for your interest.

Jonathan Arn
The Brick and Lime Company