At Brick and Lime, we offer internships for masonry students as well as full-time employment. We are based in York, PA and offer masonry services in southwest Pennsylvania


At Brick and Lime Company, we are always looking for people who share our passion for historic restoration and want to learn the science and techniques to give new life to well-loved buildings in our part of the country.

The Brick and Lime Internship Program is designed to help us meet the needs of caretakers who want to preserve their private and public buildings and to teach how best to do this.


The Brick and Lime Company is looking for exceptional masonry restoration mechanics to practice all aspects of masonry installation, restoration, and repair.  We are based in York, PA and we complete projects in stone, brick, and plaster/stucco, focused mainly on historic repairs and pointing.  Our masonry restoration mechanics enjoy varied physical work indoors and outdoors, will contribute to a positive team environment, and have personal pride in completing projects that look perfect with the knowledge that they are built/repaired to last a very long time.

We are looking for individuals with a high level of personal discipline and emotional maturity, who are friendly, communicative, and able to work easily with others.  Experience and/or knowledge of historic restoration is a plus, and an interest in learning more about lime mortar and the ability to correctly lift 80-100 pounds is a must.  Individuals with conventional masonry experience will be considered based on willingness to learn and grow in the trade.  Individuals with basic trade skills or any construction experience will be considered depending on work ethic and commitment to learn masonry.