Mortar is the sacrificial element of a historic masonry building.

Bricks and stones last forever, given the correct mortar.  Mortar, being a manufactured product, deteriorates.

High-calcium lime mortar made precisely and correctly lasts for a century or two. Cement mortar is lucky to last 50 years and speeds permanent damage to the masonry within just a few years. Repointing a brick building with portland cement mortar wreaks havoc on the structure, cracks the faces from the bricks, speeds deterioration of the inner mortar, and creates moisture problems throughout the inside spaces.

It is imperative to repoint historic masonry structures with lime mortar. The purpose of mortar is to cushion the bricks, support the weight of the building, and release the moisture in the wall. Only lime mortar can do all three.

At Brick and Lime, we are experts in historic mortars.  Our masons are trained to remove old mortar without damaging your brick.  We analyze the original mortar and match it closely.  We install new mortar neatly and efficiently, creating a cost-effective restoration solution that means your building lasting another 100 years without deterioration.

Remember:  if your brick home has been repointed with portland cement mortar, it will do permanent damage that destroys both the structure and the beauty of your investment.  Let Brick and Lime look things over and give you a quote to put things back to where they should be: long-lasting, moisture-releasing masonry.